The Race for Green Hydrogen Has Officially Started

Bloomberg NEF estimates that there will be an $11 trillion investment in production and storage of hydrogen worldwide through to 2050. In 2020 Europe announced its path to 100% renewable hydrogen by 2050. EU estimates that clean hydrogen could supply 24% of the world’s energy demand, with annual sales of approx. €630 billion. EU’s objective to [...]

UK Hydrogen Technology Developer Moves up the Value Chain

HPGS, the UK start-up developer of Electro Hydrogen Generation (EHG) Technology, today announced that it had been selected as the Hydrogen Technology Partner in a research collaboration agreement with the Universities of Nottingham, Newcastle & Reading, Mahle Powertrain Ltd and Shell UK Ltd. The project will exploit the existing EHG technology for use across marine, [...]

£200k raised to date in the 3rd Round £360K EIS Raise with HMRC Advanced Assurance

As part of the technology validation process, and to ensure that the next stages of the technology development are complemented with increased scientific input, we have via Prof Keith Scott applied for a Government grant under the EPSRC Programme, to fund the provision of academic research/validation in parallel with technology optimization, with the target of accelerating the [...]

The UK Challenger Fund (UKCF) Invests in VN-HPG 3rd Round Funding

The UK Challenger Fund closed a £60,000 investment in VN H- Power Generations Third Round Raise valuing the company at £10.3m. Jasper Smith of General Investment Partners the Funds mentors said: "The UK Challenger Fund is designed to identify early stage, growth ventures run by skilled entrepreneurs who have the potential to build great businesses.  [...]

Why Europe is to blame for the UK’s acute energy policy failures

Too much electricity in the summer and too little in the winter. Fifty-year-old coal plants being paid tens of millions of pounds to stay on because replacements aren’t being built. Electricity prices more than double those in the US. Panic measures to buy in more and more foreign electricity. These acute failures in British energy policy [...]

RWE forced to scrap dividend again

Energy company RWE has cancelled its dividend for the second successive year, after writedowns of 4.3bn euros (£3.6bn) on its power plants. The UK, as well as the Netherlands and Turkey, was affected by the writedowns, which led to a surprise net loss of 5.7bn euros (£4.8bn) during 2016. "The difficult market environment made impairments necessary," said [...]

Crowdfunding -Time to let the crowds see where all their money went

Anyone who dares to say anything even remotely critical about the financial revolution of crowdfunding risks being labelled as an unpatriotic, cynical envoy of the big banks. Celebrity investors from London’s Silicon Roundabout tech hub have been backed up by endless government ministers in asserting that “alternative finance” holds the key to the future of our economy. Using these [...]

Warning from senior figure as advisers told to act early or risk disappointment when looking for EIS opportunities this year

A senior figure in the EIS community is warning advisers that they should start their EIS ‘season’ early, way before the traditional period of January to the end of the tax year. CEO of Kuber Ventures Dermot Campbell says that advisers should start looking at their client’s EIS needs next month if they want to [...]

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