Round 3 EIS Offer with HMRC Advanced Assurance Part Subscribed – Now Open to Raise the final £160,000 at £37.50 per share

Stage 3: Now underway  financed by the partially subscribed 3rd round raise of £200,000 to build and test further scaled EHG’s, delivering:

  1. An optimised EHG unit demonstrated as a standalone assembly at TRL5
  2. Optimised unit efficiency through parametric design and analysis (electrochemical and mechanical sub-system optimisation)
  3. End use application and scalability analysis
  4. High Level design for industrial scale EHG for integration into Flexible/Power Peaking Plant

The benefits for HPGS and its Investors are:

  1. Accelerated route to market for the HPGS service proposition into the new NG flexible power generation market
  2. Significantly reduced cost for industrial proof of concept, and so less dilution for Investors at the next fundraise
  3. Valuation of the company based on 20-year service contracts, not equipment sales.

 Stage 4 Development Programme

Stage 4: Financed by a 4th round raise of £2,500,050 via the issue of a further 33,334 shares or research and development funding if appropriate or available. (Budgetary figures only)


  • An industrial EHG for integration into a 10MW Peak Power plant
  • 1 x Set of negotiated supply contracts for 3 x subsequent EHG builds and installation of same, complete with timeframes and delivery service level agreements

Once the first EHG unit is deemed to be operating successfully a further unit will be commissioned and installed.