As part of the technology validation process, and to ensure that the next stages of the technology development are complemented with increased scientific input, we have via Prof Keith Scott applied for a Government grant under the EPSRC Programme, to fund the provision of academic research/validation in parallel with technology optimization, with the target of accelerating the commercialisation of the EHG. As this grant is focussed on the Power Generation industry it made sense for the grant to be applied for via VN HPG. This grant will require match-funding and the Directors were successful in raising £200,000 pre-Pandemic to facilitate this. However, the fundraise remains open and as always we welcome further investment from you, our private Investors. As part of the road to commercialisation the Directors have decided to change the company name from VN-H Power Generation Ltd to Hydrogen Power Generation Solutions Ltd, (HPGS) and a resolution allowing us to make that change is being prepared this week. As the Directors personally hold more than 75% of the company equity, there is no need to circulate a special resolution to change the name of the company to you the shareholders.