VN-CP originated projects offer ‘Certified High Net Worth Individuals’ (CHNWI’s) or Certified Sophisticated Investors (CSI’s) opportunities in Single Company SEIS & EIS Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) with HMRC Advanced Assurance in place. All Investors must supply a signed ‘Statement of Certified High Net Worth’ or provide a ‘Sophisticated Investor’ status certificate before they will be considered for participation.

All projects are thoroughly scrutinised by the project development team and a professional industry third party, undergoing strict due diligence, referencing:

  • The technical team, and actual technology solution
  • IP, patents, copyright and know-how
  • Legislation and incentives
  • Market size/opportunity
  • Cost to develop
  • Cost to market
  • Time to delivery.

Because VN-CP have strong in-house commercial capability to evaluate ‘risk versus return’ with very early stage technology, the projects are delivering opportunities to investors that would usually be ‘ring-fenced’ by manufacturers within their R&D budgets. During our ‘growth’ period we identified a significant gap between projects that should receive funding and those that actually get it.

This is the ‘opportunity space’ VN-CP specialise in.

Currently we have a waiting list of High Net Worth Investors for our SEIS sponsored projects and a very strong ‘re-investment’ line for our Round 2 & 3 EIS opportunities.

VN originated projects do not develop ‘leading-edge’ technologies, but ‘bleeding-edge’  opportunities.

Recognised by the UKTI as a professional management team VN-CP use commercial common-sense to focus on investor returns.

With ‘skin-in-the-game’ the management team has an attitude to expenditure, efficiency and delivery that is second to none. This means that investors can be assured of the best outcome for all funds invested in VN originated opportunities, which in turn provides great opportunities for investors, inventors, and society alike, going forward into this new Viridis Navitas century.